1) Known is the past participle of know.
2) ADJ: ADJ n, v-link ADJ prep, v-link adv ADJ You use known to describe someone or something that is clearly recognized by or familiar to all people or to a particular group of people.

...He was a known drug dealer...

He became one of the best known actors of his day...

Lead was one of the metals known to the ancient world...

This plant has long been known for its medicinal qualities...

The sport is still little known.

3) ADJ: v-link ADJ for n/-ing If someone or something is known for a particular achievement or feature, they are familiar to many people because of that achievement or feature.

He is better known for his film and TV work.

4) PHRASE If you let it be known that something is the case, or you let something be known, you make sure that people know it or can find out about it.

The Prime Minister has let it be known that he is against it...

He let his preference be known to the press.

English dictionary. 2008.

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